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Ransomware Hits Apple Users

Apple has long enjoyed an image of safety and a sense among its users that it’s pricier products are worthwhile because of the security behind them. Last week, Apple users found out that was no longer true. Security experts last week announced ransomware has successfully targeted Mac operating systems. The attack targeted a very small number of Mac users, but the implications could be much larger.


The Deal With Ransomware


The first part of understanding the attack is understanding ransomware. Ransomware is a type of malware that infects a computer system by restricting use or access in some way, and then demanding users pay to remove the problem. In some cases the payment is solicited from a “tech support” looking pop-up or feature, but in all cases it’s extortion.


The ransomware to hit the Mac systems, “KeRanger” was downloaded around 6,500 times before it was contained through a tainted copy of a data transferring program called Transmission. KeRanger locked Mac OS users data, keeping users from being able to access certain data on their systems without providing payment.


The ransomware was able to bypass Apple security as it was signed with a valid Mac app development system. Once on the system, the program laid dormant for three days before attacking the system and encrypting specific types of documents and datafiles, particularly photos, videos, Excel spreadsheets, and Word documents. After encryption, the program demanded one bitcoin, valued at around $400 US, to remove the blocks.


Apple, for its part, revoked the “abused” certificate when it was made aware of the problem on March 4, and has since updated its anti-virus software.


What It Means For Mac


Mac still has a strong long-term reputation of keeping malware off of its computers, and its reaction to the attack was both quick and effective. In fact, with 5.31 million Macs sold in the first quarter of 2016, the attack ultimately impacted less than one percent of Mac users.


That one percent is enough to shake confidence, though, and enough to let other hackers know that Mac systems aren’t infallible. This isn’t the first security breach to be found on Mac systems, but it is the first time Apple brass believe that a complete ransomware was able to attack Mac users.


The attack is likely to shake some sense of security in Mac users, many of whom pay for the idea that their system could not be harmed by viruses and malware. Some analysts and systems managers warn that the attack could be an indicator of more to come, too, as cyber attacks often start small and ramp up in number later on. Now that hackers know they can, speculation suggests many more may try.


For Apple users, this means being more proactive about system security. Regular backups, up to date security software, up to date operating systems, and avoidance of suspicious activities such as e-mail are all encouraged by Symantec to help keep Mac users safe moving forward.


Firefox All Set To Bid Adieu to Its Users

If you have an addiction to Firefox, and are unable to get yourself away from it, then here comes a bad news for you. Your Firefox may now be living its last few years, especially given the fact how it’s losing its ground to competitors like Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Safari every month. But wait a minute, during 2009, it was only Firefox that ruled the World Wide Web. Then it was very tough for IE and Chrome to establish themselves even around it. But, the same giant of the Internet world started losing its grounds from 2010, and, in the recent time, the condition of Firefox has become so bad that it lost one third of its market share, from a global peak of almost 30% down to 20%.


There are, however; two ways to look at this. Since a noteworthy growth has been noticed in the internet users, Firefox might also be experiencing the same increase. But still, the bitter truth for the Firefox lovers is that it is undergoing a lot of decline in its overall popularity among its users.


Most of the user base that’s truly a big loss to Firefox is an eventual gain to Google Chrome. As the latter is approaching fast, it is giving a strong competition to the rest. The credit for Chrome’s success can majorly be given to the word – of – mouth tactic and practice that has been used by numerous marketers. The whole reason of Firefox’s then success was its appeal to the tech-freaks and the power users who were very much dissatisfied with the services of Internet Explorer and its 95% market share. Being conceived with only one purpose in mind – to revitalize the web; Firefox can now be seen to be running out of luck.


It was a thorough excitement to see the three most well-established Browsers to be fighting an equal battle in the previous years. However; all is changing given the obvious supremacy, Google Chrome has over others in today’s date. And it was only the Firefox that initiated the HTML5 revolution. And it’s only by virtue of Firefox that the Metro – style Windows 8 application can now be written and interpreted in JavaScript.

However, it is quite ironic to see how what happened to the then IE is now happening with Firefox. An endless number of dissatisfied users of Firefox are observed switching to Google Chrome.


No possibilities of an ultimate recovery can be expected, either. The amount of losses Firefox has made is making it highly unlikely for it to garner any profits in the near future.


What the future holds for Firefox? That question may be slightly difficult to answer. However, what appears to be a clear indication as of now is the fact that Google Chrome and Microsoft are taking over the user base at an expansive rate. Firefox also has enough potentiality to establish an innovation like never before and come right back in the league.


After all, Google Chrome is a spectacle that grew in the shadow of Firefox due to its speed. Firefox alone can revive its initial essence back, but not anytime soon for sure. However, that only depends upon their decision to do so. Otherwise, Firefox will only be in the history of internet browsers and slowly out of memories of all.


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What is High Yield Debt or High Yield Bonds?

High yield bonds or high yield debts are considered ‘issued securities’ from borrowers in a sub-investment rated grade. These are generally paid using a fixed interest rate. Usually, the bonds will have an unsecured status. Therefore, if bonds are liquidated or defaulted, the investors with a high yield bond will have a lower ranking than secured lenders. These investors will receive repayment from the remaining proceeds of the liquidated bonds after the secured lenders are fully repaid. For this reason, high yield bonds will usually get a lower recovery level in comparison to the secured debt after the liquidation or default occurs.  In the case of an online title loan lender, this is not always the case. You have more options available to you.

The Changes

In the most recent years, issued high yield bonds of secured and of senior status have become more attractive to investors. This kind of secured and senior status bond falls into a similar security category as the senior secured loan. For this reason, the anticipated recovery level is similar. Some of these high yield bonds or high yield debts have been organized in such a way as to offer a floating interest rate. These are known as secured floating rate notes with senior status.

Junk Bonds

Investors with high yield bonds are offered duration assets that are higher than the secured loan that pays a higher coupon. They are easily transferrable securities through a clearing system that is already established. As a result, the high yield bonds offer more than what you would receive from an investment grade bond. Junk bonds pay the highest yields due to their not-so-stellar credit ratings. For this reason, to borrow money from the outside investor, then these bonds would have to consider a higher interest rate in order to get consumers to borrow money. However, the higher interest rate indicates a higher chance that the bond will default.

The Classification

High yield bonds fall under the classification of a BB+ and lower credit rating. Bonds with BBB and above ratings are considered investment grade bonds. Debt instruments are the opposite of stocks or equity instruments. Debt instruments offer a better performance than equity instruments, especially when there is an economic decline.


Investing in Junk Bonds

You can purchase individual high yield bonds or junk bonds through a broker. You can also buy it in bulk from mutual funds. As an investor, you will make a better selection if you purchased a high yield mutual fund because the risks are lower. Why? The associated risks will be spread out over a larger amount of contracts. This is known as diversification of the credit risks related to high yield bonds.


Why Amazon Won’t Partner With PayPal

When PayPal went public again in the middle of 2015, it was entering into a much different marketplace than the one it saw when it was first listed on the Nasdaq in 2002. The big change – parent company eBay had been surpassed in the internet marketplace my online retailer megalith Amazon. So when the time came for PayPal to re-enter the public market, many of its 169 million users were hoping that they might soon be able to pay for their Prime purchases with a simple PayPal click. Amazon has swiftly shut down that notion.


In House Technology


Here’s the thing about Amazon. If it pertains to the business model and it can be done, they’re going to take a whack at it. Google Chromecast, while still available through Amazon’s online marketplace, was met with Amazon TV. Netflix was met with Amazon Prime. They’ve even got their own smarthome hub.


So it should come as no surprise that partnership with PayPal was pushed aside in favor of an Amazon exclusive technology, Pay With Amazon. The product launched in 2013 and has already managed to rack up some 23 million users. It’s a pretty straightforward interface. Users log in and are able to use stored payment information to make quick purchases without having to re-enter the same info repeatedly. Essentially, it does what PayPal does.


As the product has grown, Amazon has pushed it out more and more to greater acceptance with third party online retailers. It’s a logical move for Amazon insofar as they have some 294 million customer accounts internationally. While only a small fraction of them are using Pay With Amazon right now, shrewd marketing and sheer numbers means that their internal product has the potential to overgrow PayPal in the coming years. Their strategy to push for greater usage and acceptance of their platform has been kept relatively quiet up to this point, though, so that potential is still only speculatory.


PayPal’s Thoughts


As for what the newly public PayPal’s thoughts on the matter, they seem pretty ok with not roping in the retailer. Morgan Stanley analysts suspect that the online payment manager is eyeing its own big fish, Chinese e-commerce company Alibaba.


Unlike Amazon, the Alibaba marketplace does not have a direct method of one-click payment, and while PayPal is strong in the US, it has its sights on gaining more independent acceptance internationally.


A partnership with Alibaba would allow PayPal to get in good oversees before Apple and Google’s mobile wallet systems become too culturally ingrained, giving them a competitive edge with this new form of mobile money management.


In fact, PayPal and Alibaba already have a limited partnership, and it’s increasingly growing. More of the e-commerce giant’s sites are being allowed to accept PayPal as payment than ever before. Now the big question is will PayPal supplant Alibaba’s own attempt at a native payment system – Alipay? The company hasn’t given up on its system yet, but it’s certainly starting to turn to PayPal an increasing amount as each of the companies grows.

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7 Data-Recovery Tools For Data Disaster, Caused By Sudden Deleted Files

Imagine, you saved a file on your system and left it for 2 minutes to have a drink, all of sudden your kid comes from somewhere and deletes that file by mistake. What would you do, and how would you react? Obviously, you would start scratching your head, may even shout at your little kid, and even start finding a solution to retrieve that deleted file, but in vain.


Certainly, it feels so devastating to lose a valuable file when you had the single copy. But, relax, there are various data recovery tools that you can use to recover data from the Disk-Drive or other places like SSDs, USB drive, etc.


In the article below, I have discussed about the top 7 data recovery tools that will definitely help you are faced up with data-loss disaster and dilemma.




If you are looking for a free tool that provides the first line of recovery for files, PhotoRec is your lifesaver. You can use this tool for various operating systems like Microsoft, Linux, Mac, etc. The process of using this tool is very simple. The tool makes use of a data signature to detect the file and then very easily recovers it from the 400 plus data format.


You can retrieve your video, archives, and documents from hard disk as well as the digital pictures from the camera memory. The best part about this unique and multi-functional tool is that it can work on files that are severely damaged or reformatted in the past. You can use any two versions of PhotoRec available for your perusal- a GUI version and a Command line/text only version.


Sleuth Kit


Sleuth Kit is also a free and open source tool that is written by Brian Carrier in C, Pearl languages. It is a forensic analysis tool of the system that is stored in UNIX and Microsoft Windows as a library. It works with Autopsy to generate a user-friendly interface. Some of the tools that are included in the TSK library function as a listing of all metadata entries, displaying data blocks within the file system, searching for file names and creating a timeline of all files, displaying file system statistical information etc.


Kroll Ontrack


Kroll is a complete do-it-yourself (DIY) solution for home users as well as for business purposes to protect the data, recover it when lost and erase easily. It protects all the data that is stored on the hard disk of the system or at SSD storage. It is also capable of recovering the damaged or deleted data and retrieve files from formatted volumes. This is a wizard-driven software interface, which helps even the novice user to recover the lost data very easily.




Recuva is a free data recovery tool for the lost or deleted files from the system. It can recover any file types from any rewritable media or from damaged disk. Besides, it is also capable of scanning the files that have been buried for long. It can even securely delete the unwanted files.




Based on Linux, SystemRescueCd administers and repairs the data from the system after a crash. It works on the x86 computer platform and repairs the completely unbootable or damaged file after the crash. However, the tool is not for the first time users, it must be used following proper guidance.




CardRecovery is an award-winning recovery software that can effectively  recover the deleted, lost, formatted or corrupted digital image, digital picture, digital media; movie clips from the memory cards and then save them to your customized destination. The software offers support for almost all sorts of cards such as SD Card, SDHC, MicroSD, CF (Compact Flash) Card, xD Picture Card, Memory Stick and more.


Remo Recover


If you are looking for safe, quick and feature-packed tool that can provide fully comfortable recovery process, then Remo Recover is the software that can best cater to your needs. It provides free-evaluation copy and guarantees speedy and time savvy recovery of the lost and deleted files.


Available only for Mac, Android and Windows users, the tool comes embedded with an end number of user-friendly features.The software provides data recovery solution for the simple data loss within few minutes..

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10 Wise Reasons to Upgrade to Microsoft Windows 10

Ever since Microsoft has rolled out its Windows 10 version, it has been downloaded  by more than 100 million users across the world. While this advanced version of previous Windows 7 and Windows 8 had already raised the eyebrows of many, and even became the talk of the town among its competitors, exactly prior to its official launch on July 28, 2015, it could not give what the fans of Microsoft had hoped for.


Even though, during a press meet, Microsoft’s Joe Belfiore said this is a very early build, which even doesn’t have the features that were announced at the time of its release, and that there could also be rough spots. We did not even come across any problems as we were in a hurry to give it a go during Microsoft’s San Francisco event, but what can actually be assured is that it has got a lot to offer you.  So, let’s get to know why you should upgrade to Windows 10.


Bridge gap between PC and Tablet


Gone are the days when you had to buy a PC and tablet separately.  Today is the time of Window 10, which blends in itself the old and new window features that come under the cohesive package, containing only good bits of all. The new OS neither alienates PC nor tablet, but it is a great step to correct all the mistakes that Redmond based giant did in Windows 8. It brags of the touchscreen facility of Windows 8 and the dependability of Windows 7. The Goldilocks version of Windows 10 is a simple and venerable system with high-speed and refined features.


Cortana, the modern way to work


If you are using Apple’s gadgets, then you must be aware of SIRI and even adore it. Cortana is the answer or rather a competitor to SIRI that occupies its spot just beside the start menu. In the tablet, people are accustomed to the speaking guide. In PC, Cortana is the next generation artificial intelligence that acts as a funnel between your commands and Microsoft mother ship.


Edge the new explorer


The fast and furious edge is the replacement of Microsoft explorer that provides relief and breaks from somewhat irritating explorer. This is efficient, easy to use, and compatible with the new web demands.


Windows Hello and Windows Passport


Finally, Windows 10 is going to be a power bank of security with features like Hello and Passport.  Windows Hello (system support for biometric authentication) uses your face, fingerprints, body or iris for the verification of your authenticity while Windows Password (a code name for a programming system) replaces the traditional password to the new one and much strong two-factor authentication with the synergy of an enrolled device and Windows Hello.


Action center with notification


The Action center, which has been the most awaited features, notifies through pop-up whenever you receive an email. It even gives weather reports, reminds birthdays and shows important setting just like your normal smartphone does.


Windows Snap, up gradation of Windows 7


Windows snap is an upgrade to Windows 7 where one can drag an app as per one’s own arrangements to the left or right, and the app will snap spacing. It will also show you the thumbnails of other open apps. You can fill your screen with four apps simultaneously and work faster.


Virtual desktop

The feature of the virtual desktop is same as it was in previous version, and provided through the third party apps. But this time, there is a little twist. Now it is direct, user-friendly and more advanced. You just need to click new task button and a full bird-eye view of all the apps will open to your taskbar. You can drag, drop, and even make a new workstation exclusively for that particular app. The limit to create virtual desktop is sky, and each one will serve you as a private and different workspace.


Xbox App


If you are a crazy gamer like me, you are surely going to love this app. It provides facilities like tracking you and your friends’ achievements. It can also stream games for your gaming console to the PC, and is even able to play the game with multiple gamers through Xbox.


The new start Menu


It is vibrant, colorful, and resizable, but the best part is its configuration. Those who were banging their head over the start menu of Windows 8 can now finally relax and make use of the new start menu in either full screen or tablet mode without having any hitch.


Direct X12, the venerable Gaming AI


It is a whole slew of Application Programming Interface, which works wonders with videos and multimedia. For a gamer, it means more space in memory, better sound card, better mouse function and a greater graphic.

CHIANGMAI,THAILAND - APRIL 4, 2015: Twitter is an online social networking and microblogging service that enables users to send and read "tweets", limited to 140 characters.

Abuse Was Rife, User Growth Stalled For Twitter In 2015

One of the most popular social media platforms – Twitter has undergone some major ups and downs, especially taking into account the status of the chief executive’s position, which was altered more times than usual. Adding to that is dealing with ‘abuse’ on the site and its stock price falling by over one-third all through the year.


The year of 2015 for Twitter started at a low point with the gamergate movement and spun into an anti-feminist group or other similar men’s right activists movement consequently taking over the platform slowly by the end of the year. The results were quite disappointing as not a lot of quantitative output was gained through the use of this platform.


Moreover, like mentioned previously, the number of people hit by ‘abuse’ on this social network platform seemed to be growing incessantly. In fact, Dick Costolo was even reported telling his staff about how they had to tackle this problem seriously, “Twitter sucks at dealing with abuse and trolls on the platform, and we’ve sucked at it for years.”


But admitting you are having a problem is just the initial step to recovery. Dealing with ‘abuse’ on a platform like Twitter isn’t child’s play: it either needs automated systems to  distinguish the difference between a threat and a joke, and between sinister harassment and friendly ribbing, or it  needs an exorbitant outlay on human moderation so that people are able to make the  difficult decisions.


Twitter, over the years, have tried to solve this problem by equipping better response to reports of abuse on the platform as well as initiated new introductions of features that would protect the users, as well. Tools such as “quality filter” were introduced to eradicate abuse.


Boasting of its 320 million monthly active users, Twitter is third of the size of Facebook. As due to the cut-throat competition in the market and the continuous pressure for growth from its shareholders, Twitter’s user growth had somehow come to a halt.


The chaos ultimately led Dick Costolo to step down – a decision– which was said to be taken by his own will. Twitter, thereafter, observed its first CEO and co-founder Jack Dorsey’s coming back as the new chief executive. But, hopes of sustaining everything back into place with the return of Dorsey were doubtful, especially in view of the fact that the former had already been the chief executive of Square. But  by October, it was confirmed that he would take up the position at Twitter when he tweeted, “I’ve been CEO of both companies for over three months now.”


Dorsey naturally faced the same problems as Costolo. One of the biggest attempts initiated by Twitter to fix the issue at hand – Project Lightning, also known as Moments – was then brought into limelight. Under this, quality editorial teams were hired to assemble good content in a shareable and readable format. Even those who didn’t have an account at all had access to this segment.


Whether or not Dorsey’s authority can bring the long – lost vigor back into Twitter is a question that remains to be answered.

3 Places To Start Learning To Code Today

3 Places To Start Learning To Code Today

Whether you want to learn to build your resume or you’ve simply always had an interest in building your tech skills and understanding, learning to code is as invaluable skill that allows you to understand and interact with tech in ways you never have before. If your school days are behind you, though, you may be at a loss of where to start. That’s an easy fix – here are three places you can start learning to code right now, and totally for free.


Why Code

Coding is a vital skill in our increasingly technological world. It allows you to create, understand, and interact with technology in a way that puts you in control, allowing you to think creatively and make not only your own content but your own solutions. It also provides a new way of thinking, keeping the mind sharp and training your brain to be a better problem solver.


Code Academy

Code Academy is an online resource for all things coding. You’ll have to create an account and sign in, but when you do you’ll gain access to courses written by some of the best in the business designed to teach you not just how to code, but how to think like a programmer while you’re at it. Everything is setup to take you through concepts step by step, explaining not only the process but the concept behind it. By the end of a program, you’ll have built projects that give you the chance to practically apply and customize your skills. Choose from HTML, Python, Ruby, Java, JavaScript, SQL, and more amongst their ever-growing course library.



If a more traditional classroom environment is your thing, Coursera could be just the fit for you. This massive online classroom environment can still be done on your time and at your convenience, but offers a weekly lesson-plan structure to keep you motivated and on track, and has a professor and any number of TAs to work with you to help you get the most out of your experience, as well as a number of students from around the world with whom you can work. Coursera offers classes in a number of subjects from universities around the world, and while not every course is offered all the time, they have a number of coding and computer science courses starting at any given point, from a basic introduction to programming to full on coding language programs in Python, Java, and others.


Khan Academy

This is a resource that has reinvented itself a couple times over, and has made great strides in its computer programming courses along the way. Khan Academy is a non-profit educational organization that focuses on fundamentals, including computer programming. The courses are done entirely on your own, but have a bit of a formal structure to combine task and theory. JavaScript, HTML and SQL are all offered, along with courses that let you bring multiple languages together for more advanced programing tasks.

LumiTact G-700 Flashlight

LumiTact G-700 Flashlight

If you’re looking for a flashlight that will last long and be efficient, than the LumiTact G-700 is one of the best affordable flashlights on the market right now. There are certain situations for people where having a flashlight can be a very important manner, this is especially true for people who work in the police force or are in the military.

If you’re in a dangerous situation the last thing you need is your flashlight failing on you or no producing enough light to adequately see the darkened position that you are in.

A strong flashlight helps hunters and policeman. Users of flashlights will fill much more comfortable the next time they’re walking down a darkened alley or hallway and need light.

Flashlight Technology

With recent advancements in lighting technology no flashlights are more than equipped to shed light in the darkest places. The LumiTact G-700 has a lighting range of 700 lumens of light, which is more than enough to illuminate wherever you may be going in the dark of night.

This light differentiates itself from other flashlights in a variety of ways. It is made of a special type of aluminum that is near indestructible. Dropping this light from a couple feet is not going to do much let alone give the flashlight a scratch. It also has five different setting that can be utilized. They are the high mode that will give a blast of light that will show up anywhere. Followed by low and medium modes. It also comes with a SOS mode. This can be used to alert others for help and signal out for yourself. This SOS mode is paired with the strobe mode. The strobe mode will put out a flashing light alerting others of impending danger and looming threats.

It also reacts incredibly fast on the scale of milliseconds so there will be no need to worry.

Military Technology

Regular consumers can take ease in the fact that this is military grade equipment here. It is available to the general public. The G-700 flashlight uses two double AA batteries and rarely needs to be refitted with new batteries, as the lamp lasts for up 100,000 hours.

It’s also ultra light as well as being incredibly strong and efficient. There are different telescoping focuses that come paired with the flashlight. This type of technology will help with varying ranges. For example if using this out in the middle of a forest or a building that has no lighting fixtures around, there will be a setting for each individual and unique setting. The aluminum that it is made with is aircraft grade. The end of the flashlight comes equipped with beveled edges for an extra edge of self-defense for would be flashlight owners. The retail price is around $225 but can be bought in wholesale and for less around the Internet for around $56.00.

This is an affordable price for something that is so high tech and can not only be helpful for everyday people, but for professionals and hobbyists who put themselves in harm’s way for their work or play.