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10 Wise Reasons to Upgrade to Microsoft Windows 10

Ever since Microsoft has rolled out its Windows 10 version, it has been downloaded  by more than 100 million users across the world. While this advanced version of previous Windows 7 and Windows 8 had already raised the eyebrows of many, and even became the talk of the town among its competitors, exactly prior to its official launch on July 28, 2015, it could not give what the fans of Microsoft had hoped for.


Even though, during a press meet, Microsoft’s Joe Belfiore said this is a very early build, which even doesn’t have the features that were announced at the time of its release, and that there could also be rough spots. We did not even come across any problems as we were in a hurry to give it a go during Microsoft’s San Francisco event, but what can actually be assured is that it has got a lot to offer you.  So, let’s get to know why you should upgrade to Windows 10.


Bridge gap between PC and Tablet


Gone are the days when you had to buy a PC and tablet separately.  Today is the time of Window 10, which blends in itself the old and new window features that come under the cohesive package, containing only good bits of all. The new OS neither alienates PC nor tablet, but it is a great step to correct all the mistakes that Redmond based giant did in Windows 8. It brags of the touchscreen facility of Windows 8 and the dependability of Windows 7. The Goldilocks version of Windows 10 is a simple and venerable system with high-speed and refined features.


Cortana, the modern way to work


If you are using Apple’s gadgets, then you must be aware of SIRI and even adore it. Cortana is the answer or rather a competitor to SIRI that occupies its spot just beside the start menu. In the tablet, people are accustomed to the speaking guide. In PC, Cortana is the next generation artificial intelligence that acts as a funnel between your commands and Microsoft mother ship.


Edge the new explorer


The fast and furious edge is the replacement of Microsoft explorer that provides relief and breaks from somewhat irritating explorer. This is efficient, easy to use, and compatible with the new web demands.


Windows Hello and Windows Passport


Finally, Windows 10 is going to be a power bank of security with features like Hello and Passport.  Windows Hello (system support for biometric authentication) uses your face, fingerprints, body or iris for the verification of your authenticity while Windows Password (a code name for a programming system) replaces the traditional password to the new one and much strong two-factor authentication with the synergy of an enrolled device and Windows Hello.


Action center with notification


The Action center, which has been the most awaited features, notifies through pop-up whenever you receive an email. It even gives weather reports, reminds birthdays and shows important setting just like your normal smartphone does.


Windows Snap, up gradation of Windows 7


Windows snap is an upgrade to Windows 7 where one can drag an app as per one’s own arrangements to the left or right, and the app will snap spacing. It will also show you the thumbnails of other open apps. You can fill your screen with four apps simultaneously and work faster.


Virtual desktop

The feature of the virtual desktop is same as it was in previous version, and provided through the third party apps. But this time, there is a little twist. Now it is direct, user-friendly and more advanced. You just need to click new task button and a full bird-eye view of all the apps will open to your taskbar. You can drag, drop, and even make a new workstation exclusively for that particular app. The limit to create virtual desktop is sky, and each one will serve you as a private and different workspace.


Xbox App


If you are a crazy gamer like me, you are surely going to love this app. It provides facilities like tracking you and your friends’ achievements. It can also stream games for your gaming console to the PC, and is even able to play the game with multiple gamers through Xbox.


The new start Menu


It is vibrant, colorful, and resizable, but the best part is its configuration. Those who were banging their head over the start menu of Windows 8 can now finally relax and make use of the new start menu in either full screen or tablet mode without having any hitch.


Direct X12, the venerable Gaming AI


It is a whole slew of Application Programming Interface, which works wonders with videos and multimedia. For a gamer, it means more space in memory, better sound card, better mouse function and a greater graphic.

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