3 Places To Start Learning To Code Today

3 Places To Start Learning To Code Today

Whether you want to learn to build your resume or you’ve simply always had an interest in building your tech skills and understanding, learning to code is as invaluable skill that allows you to understand and interact with tech in ways you never have before. If your school days are behind you, though, you may be at a loss of where to start. That’s an easy fix – here are three places you can start learning to code right now, and totally for free.


Why Code

Coding is a vital skill in our increasingly technological world. It allows you to create, understand, and interact with technology in a way that puts you in control, allowing you to think creatively and make not only your own content but your own solutions. It also provides a new way of thinking, keeping the mind sharp and training your brain to be a better problem solver.


Code Academy

Code Academy is an online resource for all things coding. You’ll have to create an account and sign in, but when you do you’ll gain access to courses written by some of the best in the business designed to teach you not just how to code, but how to think like a programmer while you’re at it. Everything is setup to take you through concepts step by step, explaining not only the process but the concept behind it. By the end of a program, you’ll have built projects that give you the chance to practically apply and customize your skills. Choose from HTML, Python, Ruby, Java, JavaScript, SQL, and more amongst their ever-growing course library.



If a more traditional classroom environment is your thing, Coursera could be just the fit for you. This massive online classroom environment can still be done on your time and at your convenience, but offers a weekly lesson-plan structure to keep you motivated and on track, and has a professor and any number of TAs to work with you to help you get the most out of your experience, as well as a number of students from around the world with whom you can work. Coursera offers classes in a number of subjects from universities around the world, and while not every course is offered all the time, they have a number of coding and computer science courses starting at any given point, from a basic introduction to programming to full on coding language programs in Python, Java, and others.


Khan Academy

This is a resource that has reinvented itself a couple times over, and has made great strides in its computer programming courses along the way. Khan Academy is a non-profit educational organization that focuses on fundamentals, including computer programming. The courses are done entirely on your own, but have a bit of a formal structure to combine task and theory. JavaScript, HTML and SQL are all offered, along with courses that let you bring multiple languages together for more advanced programing tasks.

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