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7 Data-Recovery Tools For Data Disaster, Caused By Sudden Deleted Files

Imagine, you saved a file on your system and left it for 2 minutes to have a drink, all of sudden your kid comes from somewhere and deletes that file by mistake. What would you do, and how would you react? Obviously, you would start scratching your head, may even shout at your little kid, and even start finding a solution to retrieve that deleted file, but in vain.


Certainly, it feels so devastating to lose a valuable file when you had the single copy. But, relax, there are various data recovery tools that you can use to recover data from the Disk-Drive or other places like SSDs, USB drive, etc.


In the article below, I have discussed about the top 7 data recovery tools that will definitely help you are faced up with data-loss disaster and dilemma.




If you are looking for a free tool that provides the first line of recovery for files, PhotoRec is your lifesaver. You can use this tool for various operating systems like Microsoft, Linux, Mac, etc. The process of using this tool is very simple. The tool makes use of a data signature to detect the file and then very easily recovers it from the 400 plus data format.


You can retrieve your video, archives, and documents from hard disk as well as the digital pictures from the camera memory. The best part about this unique and multi-functional tool is that it can work on files that are severely damaged or reformatted in the past. You can use any two versions of PhotoRec available for your perusal- a GUI version and a Command line/text only version.


Sleuth Kit


Sleuth Kit is also a free and open source tool that is written by Brian Carrier in C, Pearl languages. It is a forensic analysis tool of the system that is stored in UNIX and Microsoft Windows as a library. It works with Autopsy to generate a user-friendly interface. Some of the tools that are included in the TSK library function as a listing of all metadata entries, displaying data blocks within the file system, searching for file names and creating a timeline of all files, displaying file system statistical information etc.


Kroll Ontrack


Kroll is a complete do-it-yourself (DIY) solution for home users as well as for business purposes to protect the data, recover it when lost and erase easily. It protects all the data that is stored on the hard disk of the system or at SSD storage. It is also capable of recovering the damaged or deleted data and retrieve files from formatted volumes. This is a wizard-driven software interface, which helps even the novice user to recover the lost data very easily.




Recuva is a free data recovery tool for the lost or deleted files from the system. It can recover any file types from any rewritable media or from damaged disk. Besides, it is also capable of scanning the files that have been buried for long. It can even securely delete the unwanted files.




Based on Linux, SystemRescueCd administers and repairs the data from the system after a crash. It works on the x86 computer platform and repairs the completely unbootable or damaged file after the crash. However, the tool is not for the first time users, it must be used following proper guidance.




CardRecovery is an award-winning recovery software that can effectively  recover the deleted, lost, formatted or corrupted digital image, digital picture, digital media; movie clips from the memory cards and then save them to your customized destination. The software offers support for almost all sorts of cards such as SD Card, SDHC, MicroSD, CF (Compact Flash) Card, xD Picture Card, Memory Stick and more.


Remo Recover


If you are looking for safe, quick and feature-packed tool that can provide fully comfortable recovery process, then Remo Recover is the software that can best cater to your needs. It provides free-evaluation copy and guarantees speedy and time savvy recovery of the lost and deleted files.


Available only for Mac, Android and Windows users, the tool comes embedded with an end number of user-friendly features.The software provides data recovery solution for the simple data loss within few minutes..

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