LumiTact G-700 Flashlight

LumiTact G-700 Flashlight

If you’re looking for a flashlight that will last long and be efficient, than the LumiTact G-700 is one of the best affordable flashlights on the market right now. There are certain situations for people where having a flashlight can be a very important manner, this is especially true for people who work in the police force or are in the military.

If you’re in a dangerous situation the last thing you need is your flashlight failing on you or no producing enough light to adequately see the darkened position that you are in.

A strong flashlight helps hunters and policeman. Users of flashlights will fill much more comfortable the next time they’re walking down a darkened alley or hallway and need light.

Flashlight Technology

With recent advancements in lighting technology no flashlights are more than equipped to shed light in the darkest places. The LumiTact G-700 has a lighting range of 700 lumens of light, which is more than enough to illuminate wherever you may be going in the dark of night.

This light differentiates itself from other flashlights in a variety of ways. It is made of a special type of aluminum that is near indestructible. Dropping this light from a couple feet is not going to do much let alone give the flashlight a scratch. It also has five different setting that can be utilized. They are the high mode that will give a blast of light that will show up anywhere. Followed by low and medium modes. It also comes with a SOS mode. This can be used to alert others for help and signal out for yourself. This SOS mode is paired with the strobe mode. The strobe mode will put out a flashing light alerting others of impending danger and looming threats.

It also reacts incredibly fast on the scale of milliseconds so there will be no need to worry.

Military Technology

Regular consumers can take ease in the fact that this is military grade equipment here. It is available to the general public. The G-700 flashlight uses two double AA batteries and rarely needs to be refitted with new batteries, as the lamp lasts for up 100,000 hours.

It’s also ultra light as well as being incredibly strong and efficient. There are different telescoping focuses that come paired with the flashlight. This type of technology will help with varying ranges. For example if using this out in the middle of a forest or a building that has no lighting fixtures around, there will be a setting for each individual and unique setting. The aluminum that it is made with is aircraft grade. The end of the flashlight comes equipped with beveled edges for an extra edge of self-defense for would be flashlight owners. The retail price is around $225 but can be bought in wholesale and for less around the Internet for around $56.00.

This is an affordable price for something that is so high tech and can not only be helpful for everyday people, but for professionals and hobbyists who put themselves in harm’s way for their work or play.