Firefox All Set To Bid Adieu to Its Users

If you have an addiction to Firefox, and are unable to get yourself away from it, then here comes a bad news for you. Your Firefox may now be living its last few years, especially given the fact how it’s losing its ground to competitors like Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Safari every month. But wait a minute, during 2009, it was only Firefox that ruled the World Wide Web. Then it was very tough for IE and Chrome to establish themselves even around it. But, the same giant of the Internet world started losing its grounds from 2010, and, in the recent time, the condition of Firefox has become so bad that it lost one third of its market share, from a global peak of almost 30% down to 20%.


There are, however; two ways to look at this. Since a noteworthy growth has been noticed in the internet users, Firefox might also be experiencing the same increase. But still, the bitter truth for the Firefox lovers is that it is undergoing a lot of decline in its overall popularity among its users.


Most of the user base that’s truly a big loss to Firefox is an eventual gain to Google Chrome. As the latter is approaching fast, it is giving a strong competition to the rest. The credit for Chrome’s success can majorly be given to the word – of – mouth tactic and practice that has been used by numerous marketers. The whole reason of Firefox’s then success was its appeal to the tech-freaks and the power users who were very much dissatisfied with the services of Internet Explorer and its 95% market share. Being conceived with only one purpose in mind – to revitalize the web; Firefox can now be seen to be running out of luck.


It was a thorough excitement to see the three most well-established Browsers to be fighting an equal battle in the previous years. However; all is changing given the obvious supremacy, Google Chrome has over others in today’s date. And it was only the Firefox that initiated the HTML5 revolution. And it’s only by virtue of Firefox that the Metro – style Windows 8 application can now be written and interpreted in JavaScript.

However, it is quite ironic to see how what happened to the then IE is now happening with Firefox. An endless number of dissatisfied users of Firefox are observed switching to Google Chrome.


No possibilities of an ultimate recovery can be expected, either. The amount of losses Firefox has made is making it highly unlikely for it to garner any profits in the near future.


What the future holds for Firefox? That question may be slightly difficult to answer. However, what appears to be a clear indication as of now is the fact that Google Chrome and Microsoft are taking over the user base at an expansive rate. Firefox also has enough potentiality to establish an innovation like never before and come right back in the league.


After all, Google Chrome is a spectacle that grew in the shadow of Firefox due to its speed. Firefox alone can revive its initial essence back, but not anytime soon for sure. However, that only depends upon their decision to do so. Otherwise, Firefox will only be in the history of internet browsers and slowly out of memories of all.


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